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Pre-Order: Jake's Journey Ages 6-12 (Physical Book)

Pre-Order: Jake's Journey Ages 6-12 (Physical Book)

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 Taking my hobby to published! I wanted to create a short adventure book designed for 6-12 year old's! This is a Pre-Order! One ordered I will get your book printed and shipped to me, where I'll look it over for defects before shipping it directly to you!

Book Description:

A medieval journey, a magic tree, and a purpose to get back home. Travel beyond worlds with Jake, a young Tree Walker beginning his adventure.

How does the Tree of Worlds work? Why did it pick young Jake?

Before he can find out, he has to travel through the lands of this new world, meet the people who live there, and share tales of his home!

The Tree of Worlds series was written by a mom of two young boys, who has loved reading and writing from a young age! The series has been read and "edited" by her kids, to make them enjoyable for young readers!

Let your reader adventure through worlds with the Tree Walkers!
  • 4000 words.
  • 8 easy to read chapters.
  • Illustrations through-out each chapter.
  • Kid tested, and approved.
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