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Blackberry Stationary



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 Pawrent & Me Face Portraits! I'm going to create a unique illustration of you and your fur baby! Your portrait includes your face, and theirs!  These portraits seal the love you have for your fur baby so you can always cherish it.  Whether you go digital only, or combine your portrait with a mug or shirt, the end result will be one of a kind!  You can get yours digitally, as stickers, and stationery!

Let's break it down! Included: Digital Only - JPEG + PNG of your art.  2 Waterproof stickers  Sticker Bundle: 4 (3") Stickers, 6 (1.5") Stickers, 1 Sticker Sheet.  Stationery Bundle: 4 (3") Stickers, 6 (1.5") Stickers, 2 Sticker Sheet, 4 Greeting Cards + Envelopes, 1 Bookmark! Materials:  Glossy Sticker Paper (Sticker Sheets)  Waterproof Vinyl (Main Stickers)  Heavy Weight Card Stock + Kraft Paper Envelopes (Greeting Cards)

Options:Type - Digital, 2 Stickers, Sticker Bundle, Stationery Bundle  Number of Pets - 1, 2, 3, 4  Number of Humans - 1, 2, 3, 4. How to Order: Click drop down box to select the type of product.  Chose number of pets, then number of humans.  Add the item to your cart.  Email your photos to kristen@blackberrystationary .com or DM me on Instagram @blackberrystationary

Shipping FAQs : Per option: Digital Only - Has no shipping.  2 Waterproof stickers - Has free US letter mail shipping.  Sticker Bundle - Has free US letter mail shipping.  Stationery Bundle - Calculated shipping. (Not free) Time Frame: I try and get all orders drawn and made within two weeks of order date. I'm just one person, and a busy mom of two, so please be patient.

Hi! I'm Kristen. The artist behind you next pet portrait! I created my business so I could brighten your life through my art work. Over the past few years I've been working hard to grow my skills, so I can create better illustrations for you!  Without you, my business wouldn't be where it is today, and I'm so thankful to have you here!  I honestly can't wait to draw your fur baby, it always makes me smile, and I know the end result will make you smile too!


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