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Blackberry Stationary

Puppy / Kitty Charms

Puppy / Kitty Charms

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Taking your St. Patrick's day woes to a fun level you can share with your furiends!

Let's break it down! I can draw one fur baby up to four in one portrait! I can also do digital only, stickers, sticker bundle, a stationery bundle, a drink bundle OR an everything bundle!

The stickers will be made of waterproof vinyl, great for water bottles, note book covers, and laptops! If you get one of the bundles, know that the sticker sheet included will not be waterproof.

Below I've broken down all the aspects of your St. Patrick's Day art, check it out!


• Digital Only - JPEG + PNG of your art.
• 2 Waterproof stickers

• Sticker Bundle: 4 (3") Stickers, 6 (1.5") Stickers, 1 Sticker Sheet.
• Stationery Bundle: 4 (3") Stickers,  6 (1.5") Stickers, 2 Sticker Sheet, 10 Folded Cards + Envelopes, and 1 Custom Notepad

• Drink Bundle: 1 Glass Mug, and 4 Neoprene Coasters.
• Everything Bundle: 6 (3") Stickers,  6 (1.5") Stickers, 2 Sticker Sheet, 10 Folded Cards + Envelopes, 1 Custom Notepad, 1 Glass Mug, and 4 Neoprene Coasters.

• Glossy Sticker Paper (Sticker Sheets)
• Waterproof Vinyl (Main Stickers)
• Heavy Weight Card Stock + White Paper Envelopes (Greeting Cards)

• Type - Digital, 2 Stickers, Sticker Bundle, Stationery Bundle, Drink Bundle, Everything Bundle.
• Number of Pets - 1, 2, 3, 4
• Additions - Heart Headband, or Bow/Bow Tie, Other.


1. Click on the drop down boxes to select the type of product.

2. Chose number of pets.

3. Chose addition or no additions.

4. Add the item to your cart.

5. Use the note section to request your extra or "Other" addi.

6. After you have placed your order please email your photos to or DM me on Instagram @blackberrystationary


Hey there!
When you order from my shop, each item is handmade by me, and all orders have a discount code for next time! If you would like to ask me any questions please let me know! Returns are accepted but please message me first!


• Digital Only - Has no shipping.
• 2 Waterproof stickers - Has free US letter mail shipping.
• Sticker Bundle - Has free US letter mail shipping.

• Drink Bundle - Calculated shipping. (Not free)
• Stationery Bundle - Calculated shipping. (Not free)

• Everything Bundle - Calculated shipping. (Not free)

• Please understand that I am one person, and that I am working hard to get to your order. I try and get them all finished within two weeks of your order dare. If you need it rushed, please email me before ordering.


Phew, that took some reading! But you stuck it out to the end - Go you!

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