About Me

Hi I'm Kristen! I'm the artist behind Blackberry Stationary.  Blackberry started as an animal sticker business, but it turned into pet portraits six months after I opened!  My art has changed and grown since then, and it's all because pet moms, like you, have been supporting me!  I work on my business full time, homeschool my 6yr, and help take care of both my husband and our allergic to everything 3yr.

My business has changed our lives. Since the summer of 2021 my business has been supporting us financially. Unfortunately, my husband was one of many laid off from his very nice job.  After that he's had little luck finding more than part time gigs.  Luckily, I'd been building up my business, and although we struggled for awhile, it's kept the roof over our head. But it didn't happen over night.  I've been in business for nearly three years, and made many mistakes, but the most important thing was building relationships with the pet moms in my community.  Without the love and support from those in my community, I wouldn't have grown so much in business or in art!  I owe so much to each person in who likes or shares my posts, those who place orders, and those in my monthly membership!

Thank You! I honestly have no idea where my family would be without amazing pet moms like you!  It's your believe in my art that keeps me going, and keeps pushing me to do better.  In every aspect.  I always strive to grow my art skills, the products I create, and the quality I deliver to you.  I love drawing your fur babies, it always makes my day, and I hope the result brightens yours!




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